Three Things PR Pros Need to Do Differently in 2013

Three Things PR Pros Need to Do Differently in 2013

When it comes to client service and driving results, nothing is more important than pushing the envelope and committing to continuous learning. Sometimes, “successful track record” and “proven best practices” can hamper our ability to do things differently and learn new tricks. With New Year’s around the corner, it is time to make resolutions and look at solving challenges and accomplishing goals differently.

Become Best Friends with Industry Analysts

In the past, PR pros were able to get by with just skimming analyst reports for competitive analysis and news nuggets. Next year, as the pressure on the industry to deliver better, faster, cheaper services continues to grown, we have to do things differently. Getting ahead of the competition and breaking through the clutter will require PR pros to take a deep dive into current and emerging trends. No one knows market drivers and shaping forces better than industry analysts getting on first name basis with them can help your PR strategy.

Use Creativity Strategically

Yes, there is such a thing as too many tweets and too many executive blog posts, and too many infographics.

As discretionary budgets get tighter across the board, the creative minds of the PR industry will face new challenges in 2013. PR departments will place a stronger emphasis on content creation and marketing given that B2B and B2C industries are oversaturated with statistics, expert perspectives, market predictions, etc. The pressure to differentiate clients and push the envelope drives a lot of PR pros to come up with creative (and expensive!) ideas and sometimes lose sight of overall strategic goals. In the context of the consummerization of content, brands can’t survive bad  decisions. PR pros should always remember that creativity without strategy is like a ship without a captain.

Stop Being a ‘Yes Man’

Many PR pros spend an exorbitant number of billable hours telling their clients what they want to hear to make them happy. With market competition getting tougher and tougher, tacitly complying with client requests can actually hurt campaign results and ultimately damage your client relationship. Remember that the value of PR goes beyond just getting hits, it is about serving as a strategic advisor to advance business goals. Your clients and direct reports will respect you more if you provide them with your expert opinion ( and challenge the status quo once in a while) rather than just follow directions.

 ” by  Lon Dunn, PronetworkBuild”

Ilina Dimitrova is a PR professional, social media enthusiast, and strategic marketer for B2B brands. She specializes in driving thought leadership strategy and building credibility for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Twitter: @IlinaDimitrova

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