“ChestSavers” shed light on the often overlooked age revealing sign

The Sign of Aging Nobody Talks About:

Chest Wrinkles


ChestSavers shed light on the often overlooked age revealing sign.


It is no secret that certain sleep positions can lead to wrinkling and premature aging of a woman’s face. What many don’t realize is that sleep positions can also create wrinkles on the décolleté (chest area). By keeping the breasts adequately separated ChestSavers Anti-Aging Lingerie prevents and eliminates the folds and wrinkles that appear overnight.


“There is no way around it”, said ChestSavers representative Sherri Houston. “When a woman sleeps on her side and the upper breast falls toward the lower breast the wrinkles are going to form.” Sherri also said that she has spoken to many women who have attempted to stop sleeping on their side but have been unsuccessful. “Many of us make a conscious effort to sleep on our back yet find ourselves on our side when we wake up.”


There is more benefit to the ChestSaver than just keeping the breasts separated during sleep. Each Original ChestSaver, as well as the Simply Smooth model, includes a foam pad that encourages the wearer to use any moisturizer while still keeping the ChestSaver itself clean. As an added perk, the foam pad also assists in keeping the skin of the chest area smooth and flattened. “The foam pad is so helpful”, said Sherri Houston. “The foam pad is constantly feeding the moisturizer into the skin all night.”


ChestSavers will be available in retail stores beginning 2015. At this time they can be purchased on their website www.chestsavers.com and they do ship worldwide. The company is also looking forward to releasing new products by mid 2015.

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