5 easy steps for small businesses planning their own social media strategy

5 easy steps for small businesses planning their own social media strategy

Planning a social media strategy may sound like a huge job – but the truth is, for small businesses and start-ups it is something that can easily be achieved. The great thing about planning a social media strategy too, is that Social Media Marketing has potentially huge returns and rewards waiting for those who embrace it.

Social Media Marketing is becoming more and more popular amongst brands that are both big and small – and the reason is success. After all, why wouldn’t you want to join a social media network and promote your brand? Social Networks are where most people now spend their evenings and spare time, whether it be on their smart phones or laptops… So getting started is the next step!


         1. Join a variety of networks

Not everyone uses every social network – so for maximum reach it’s probably best to join perhaps 2 or 3 networks. I’d recommend a selection of the following: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Think about which networks your target customer base are most likely to use and how often, and once you have that decided, they are the networks you should be joining.

        2. Get your branding sorted

Branding your social media pages is the next important step. Make sure you’ve got your profile pictures uniform along all networks you’ve joined, and also your background or cover photos too. Linking everything together shows a real sense of branding and makes your brand not only look more professional – but also more organised and easier to locate online.

         3. Get updating

Getting your updates sorted is another really important part of planning your strategy. Make sure you have assigned someone the role of ‘updater’ and that they are fully aware of the kind of updates that are acceptable and the kind of updates that aren’t. They should also be good communicators and know how to speak to customers in your brand voice, in case they ever have to answer any issues or complaints.

         4. Get app knowledge

There are some great apps out there that allow you to schedule updates and plan your whole month of updates in advance. If social media is something you’re new to –really want to embrace, but just don’t have the time – then scheduling is a great idea. I’d recommend Buffer App, you can not only schedule your social media updates but you can use it for multiple accounts too which is great if you ever plan on expanding. It really takes the pressure off and means you can sleep soundly knowing you’ve got updates going out constantly.

         5. Time it perfectly

Finally, a mistake that I find many companies on social media often make. Updating at the wrong time. With social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, updates can be very immediate and transient, so you need to time them perfectly. Find your main target demographic and think about when and where they access their social media – and tailor your updates accordingly. If your main demographic are high flying business men who work all day – then scheduling your updates during the daytime might not be a great idea (as they might be in meetings). Instead, try scheduling them during the evenings or early mornings for a better response.


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